A Heartfelt Thank You

I am honored and grateful to the voters of Cobb County for selecting me to be your next Superior Court Judge.  I am humbled by your trust in me to do the job, and to do it well, and I will work hard to validate that trust when I take the bench.  For the last 19 years I have worked to seek and secure justice, and to do it fairly and with integrity, and I will carry those same values with me to the bench.  I thank you for your support and I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue my commitment to serving the people of Cobb County.

To the many friends and supporters who devoted their time, their efforts and their good word to making this effort successful, there are not adequate words to express my heartfelt gratitude.  Your steadfast encouragement and hard work sustained me during these several months of long days and nights campaigning against two worthy opponents who ran impressive races.   This victory would not have been possible without your dedication, and Jim and I are deeply grateful.  Thank you.